Historical House


Cultural Heritage recognized by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism of Salerno


We are Giulia and Francesca.
We are delighted to let you stay in our family's ancient house, which for centuries has overlooked the sea, in a unique and unforgettable historical setting.
We welcome you in the tranquility of the ancient apartments of Torre Perrotti, which still preserve the taste of tradition, to let you experience the most serene vacation you've ever experienced.



Imagine your wedding day in a seaside location, on a terrace with a breathtaking view, in front of the sun that every day of the year sets, touching the water of the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Here you find the essentials to make your heart fly, colors, sounds and scents and make your wedding unique and special.


"What better frame to crown our dream? Enchanting panorama, evocative atmosphere and a thoughtful and genuine owner.

The warmth of the south that never contradicts itself. "

- Valeria Papetti


Referred to in the archival documents as “Torre ubi dicitur la Pagliarola, tower in maritime constructa vel in maritime Castri Abatis, Tower of the Marina of the Castello dello Abate, and finally Torre Perrotti”, it was built, under royal direction, in the first half of the century XV, near the ancient medieval port of “lu Traviersu”, in the ancient and homonymous locality of Pagliarola, a vast flat area bordered by the sea and the slopes of Monte Sant'Angelo, on which the Castello dell'Abate was built.

After the fall of the Sanseverinos, the Tower passed into the hands of various powerful families of feudal lords (Caracciolo, Carafa, Freccia, Filomarino) to be definitively requisitioned by the Royal Court, because it was considered indispensable for the control of commercial traffic and the defense of the coast from the attacks of the Turks.


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